As a business owner you are liable for a data breach

Until now most small businesses could not afford to keep their company safe from Cyber-attacks. Cyber criminals know that and targeting you. We are here to help. We provide small business owner piece of mind by offering Cyber protection and IT support that is cheaper than most IT service-plans. Serving small businesses in the Washington DC area. Complete IT security and care at an affordable price. Protection in and out of the office.

✓ Security Assessment
✓ Risk Assessment
✓ Threat monitoring and detection
✓ Active threat Hunting
✓ Cyber Advisor
✓ Patch management
✓ Anti-virus
✓ Email Spam filtering
✓ Secure email solutions
✓ Phishing email training
✓ Security training
✓ Policy and procedure management
✓ HIPAA compliancy
✓ NIST 800-171 compliancy

  It's time to fight back

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